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Heloo everyone!

I’m Maiko Ayase.

How do you do?

Welcome to my blog❤

I’m 48yearold pornstar!

I’m housewife and have one daughter.

a.k.a MILF💋
(as known as mother I’d like fuck❤)


When I was teenager, I was acting as Maria Sawaguchi.

I left quite soon once.

But I cameback here with age 46?

Because I regret my choice of retirement
So this time it is kinda rechallenge.

Last year, I was SKY PerfecTV! TV-sponsored SKY PerfecTV! Received the Adult Broadcasting Award 2020 MILF star Actress Award🏆

Moreover I still want to be treated as a woman I am happy that I am on many filmes so far✨✨


My favorite fodd is sushi &Yakiniku

I am good at cooking.My speciality is hunbarg steak.

my hobby is watching AV❤

and watching youtube, listening to music

I have started lerning English.

I would like to introduce myself more but let me finish.

when I have come to speak English fluently, I would like to chat with peaple all over the world!!!

I can not wait to see you soon💋




Maiko Ayase


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